October 20th, 2009
Zohrab Aliyev, the forth referee in the match between “Mugan” and “Inter” held in the framework of the Premier League in the seventh round of football, interfered with the professional activity of Ruslan Mikhayilli, a website photo-journalist from “”

According to “,” although the reporter stood at a fixed distance, he faced pressure from the referee.
Z.Aliyev allegedly threatened the reporter, and said that if he did not step back, he would stop the match. It was only at the end of the first half that the problem was solved, due to AFFA Judges Committee’s Chairman Xagani Mammadov’s interference.
Khagani Mammadov told IRFS that this incident occurred because R.Mikhayilov did not wear a journalist jacket and crossed the fixed distance. K.Mammadov noted that during the break he talked with Z. Aliyev and R. Mikhayilli and the problem was solved.