July 8th, 2011
On July 5th, Mahbub Zulfugarli, member of Kur Civil Society Organization and regional correspondent of “ Hurriyet” newspaper, was beaten by relatives of Rahim Zahidov, department head at Imishli District Executive Office. 

Being heavily injured, with broken nose, M. Zulfugarli was taken to the hospital, Ogtay Gulaliyev, Kur Civil Society Organization coordinator told IRFS today.
According to Gulaliyev, instead of investigating the process, the police tried to reconcile them, and the opposite side has not been brought into justice yet.
According to him, the details of the incident are not yet clear. “We can only say that Zulfugarli has repeatedly reported about the corruption and discrimination affairs in the construction of houses for flood victims  in Imishli . Thanks to his and his friends’ help, we viewed 38 houses in Imishli last year. We have received  200 appeals from that region up to now. Zulfugarli told us that several houses built in Imishli belong to relatives of Zahidov, department head at Imishli District Executive Office. He presented us the list of these houses. Local executive officers were not happy with our measures to view houses in Imishli. Therefore, local authorities warned Zulfugarli and forced the residents to withdraw the appeals they sent to Kur. Even the people faced pressures by them,” said Gulaliyev.