October 12th, 2009
“Respublika” newspaper has not been published since 7 October. Although Editor-in-chief Teymur Ahmadov said that the reason for ceasing the newspaper’s publication is paper shortage and debts that distribution firms owe the newspaper, he noted that invisible forces are interested in the closure of the newspaper.

Teymur Ahmadov told “Mediaforum” site that although “Respublika” is recognized as a government newspaper, the newspaper is not financed by the government and is published on the account of subscriptions.
“We have a financial problem due to the fact that distribution companies don’t pay us the money they owe us on time,” said Ahmadov. “’Azermetbuatyayim’ only owes the debt in the amount of 46, 000 AZN to our newspaper.”
T.Ahmadov added that negotiations are being held with press distribution organizations, and the publication of the newspaper will be restored when the debts are paid.
The Business Office of the President of Azerbaijan Republic is the founder of “Respublika” newspaper.