August 20th, 2008
Today (20 august) imprisoned “Azadlig” Newspaper satiric/journalist Sakit Zahidov’s wife Rena Zahidova visited him.

R. Zahidova told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety. “Sakit’s life is in danger. Two attempts have been made to murder him. One of the prisoners tried to kill him. There are witnesses of the incident among prisoners. He believes that the chief of the prison stands behind all these,” said Zahidova.
According to Zahidova, her husband is preparing to sue the Chief of Prison #14 Arshad Hasanov. He has asked human rights defenders to assist him in this case.
Rena Zahidova also said that representatives from the Ombudsman’s office visited Zahidov today and human rights defenders are going to visit him tomorrow.
If Zahidov’s appeal to be transferred to a different prison is not fulfilled, the imprisoned journalist will start a long-term hunger-strike, said Zahidova.