Satellite dishes are being removed in Baku

According to Bizim Yol, Azadliq and other local newspapers, satellite dishes are increasingly removed in the capital of Azerbaijan. Dismantling of sat-dishes first started in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, under the pretext of city beautification.

Local population use satellite receivers to watch European, Turkish and Russian TV and radio channels, given the unavailability of unbiased information on national TV channels. In addition, the local broadcasters fail to report social issues or criticize the government policy. There are almost no talk shows or panel discussions focused on real social problems or serving the interest of the society.

According to local press, by removing satellite antennas the government paves the way for the expansion of the network of cable TV packages (KATV 1, Aile TV and Konnekt TV), which is under its own control.  The three TV packages offer up to 60 local and foreign TV channels for 9 AZN, 18 AZN and 27 AZN per month respectively. However the TV channels are not defined by the customer, because all of the three packages are subject to political censorship, i.e. it is the government who determines the list of channels for the audience.

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