Several Arrested during Bilasuvar Protest


On 22 December, a protest rally was held in the settlements of Bilasuvar region populated by IDPs from Jabrayil region, the local residents reported. According to them, the IDPs wanted to block the Imishli-Bilasuvar highway in protest at frequent power outage. Police forces were deployed in the area. The protesters clashed with the police. Thirty five people were reportedly arrested.

Arif Farzaliyev, first deputy head of Jabrayil Regional Executive Power, confirmed the holding of the protest. “Power supply to IPD households was restored in the evening hours. The IDPs have huge outstanding electricity bills. They have exceeded the free usage limits. Therefore, Imishli Regional Electricity Network had cut off their power supply. However, everything normalised after negotiations. At the moment, the situation is absolutely calm and there is no disorder,” Farzaliyev said.

Farzaliyev confirmed that some IDPs were detained during the conflict with the police.

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