Shining Sun publishing house employees detained

According to website, three employees of the Shining Sun publishing house have been arrested and sentenced to 5 days in jail.

The report says that on June 1st, officers from Nizami District Police Office #25 detained Shining Sun director Nurman Shahmardanli, and two other employees of the publishing house, Gabil Shahmardanov and Ismayil Suleymanov. Later they confiscated all the office’s books and computers. According to the police, the printing company was unlicensed and suspected of tax evasion.


Elman Shahmardanli, the father of the director of the printing house, reported to the IRFS that yesterday he went to Nizami District Police Office #25, but he was unable to obtain information about his son:


“The man on duty only said that the investigation into my son’s case will be launched following the end of his 5 day prison term,” said Elman Shahmardanli.


Rafail Albabayev, chief of the Nizami District Police Office #25, reported to IRFS that Nizami District Court has as of today sentenced all three employees to 5 days in jail, and that they are currently being held at the Department on the Fight against Organized Crime.


The Shining Sun publishing house has been operating since 2009 and has printed up to 30 books. The publishing house has mainly printed religious books, written by Muslim scientists. The books printed by the Shining Sun publishing house were licensed by the State Committee on Work with Religious Bodies.

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