Shopping mall owner sues Azadlig newspaper

August 8th, 2012
Kabira Mammadova, owner of the Bina shopping center, sued the Azadlig newspaper and its employees Ramin Deko and Hikmat (it is the penname of a correspondent, who want to remain anonymous), Azadlig newspaper editor Rahim Hajibeyli reported to the Institute for Reporters; Freedom and Safety.

Hajibeyli said that the editorial office of the newspaper received a summons yesterday. He said that the reason behind legal pressure on the Azadlig newspaper is intimidation of its correspondents  to hinder their professional activities.  

According to Fariz Namazli, the lawyer of the newspaper, the lawsuit is being considered by Yasamal District Court judge Abbas Rzayev, who scheduled the preliminary meeting for August 9th, 3:45pm.

Bina shopping center owner Kabira Mammadova appealed to Yasamal District Court claiming that her business reputation was damaged by the articles “Kabira Mammadova’s Eurovision Operation” and “Kabira Mammadova’s New Title Deed Operation” printed in Azadlig newspaper. She was demanding that the newspaper give retraction and that each of the defendants pay 50 000AZN in punitive damages. Mammadova requests to transfer the amount to the “Home for elderly, disabled and mentally ill” located in Buzovna settlement of Baku.