May 25th, 2009
President Ilham Aliyev signed a decree to appoint executive director for State Fund to Assist in Development of Mass Media. Safarli Vugar Muzaffar oglu was appointed the executive director of the Fund, according to APA.

Monitoring Council members of the Fund have also been identified by a different presidential decree. Presidential Administration Socio-political Department Head on Work Sector with Press and Information Organs Vugar Aliyev, Justice Ministry’s Human Rights and Public Relations Department Chief Faig Gurbanov, Culture and Tourism Ministry Press Service’s Head Adviser Zohra Aliyeva, “525-ji gazet” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Rashad Majid, “Iki Sahil” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Vugar Rahimzade, “Azerbaijan” Newspaper Editor-in-chief Bakhtiyar Sadigov, Press Council Chairman Aflatun Amashov, Journalist Union Chairman Mushfig Alasgarli, International Eurasia Press Fund Chairman Umid Mirzayev have been elected Fund’s Monitoring Council members.
Among candidates presented to the Presidential Administration by the Press Council were – Vusala Mahirgizi (APA Head Director), Elchin Shikhli (“Zerkalo” Newspaper Editor-in-chief), Akif Ashirli (“Sharg” Newspaper Editor-in-chief), Agil Abbas ("Adalat" Newspaper Founder), Rashad Majid (“525-ji gazet” Newspaper Editor-in-chief), Mehman Aliyev (“Turan” Information Agency Director), Vugar Rahimzade (“İki sahil” Newspaper Editor-in-chief), Bakhtiyar Sadigov (“Azerbaijan” Newspaper Editor-in-chief), Aydin Guliyev (“Baki khabar” Newspaper Editor-in-chief), Tapdig Abbas (“Paralel” Newspaper Editor-in-chief), Arif Aliyev (“Yeni Nesil” Journalist Union Chairman), Aflatun Amashov (Press Council Chairman), Umud Rahimoglu (International Eurasia Press Fund Chairman), Yadigar Məmmədli (Chairman of League for Democratic Journalists), Mushfig Alasgarli (Journalist Union Chairman), Gafar Chakhmagli (League for Independent Investigative Journalists, Head of Armenian science Center, Khalid Niyazov (Head of League for Independent Journalists) and Vugar Safarli (“Azermatbuatyayimi” Open Share Holding Society Head).
State Fund to Assist in Development of Mass Media was established this year on 3 April. According to the Regulations, the major purpose of the Fund is to support the independence of mass media institutions, to stimulate the application of new information-communication technologies in the information sector, to broaden effective collaboration among society and mass media outlets and to finance projects, programs and other events that consider the development of mass media outlets. The Monitoring Council will oversee the general supervision of the Fund’s activity, according to the Regulations.