January 21st, 2010
Poligon Information Agency ( editor and fourth year student of “Oil Mechanics” faculty at Azerbaijan State Oil Academy Elmin Badalov may get dismissed from the University. The Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety was told this by Elmin Badalov.

Student-Journalist said that “Oil Mechanics” faculty Dean Gasim Mammadov told him that he will be dismissed due to three failures. “I have never had a failure until my fourth year. The dean called me after I wrote a critical article about State Oil Academy of Azerbaijan and told me that I wrote the article at somebody’s order and began to threaten me. After this, they began a biased action against me to make me fail all my examinations intentionally. I am expecting the Rector’s (University Director) order for my dismissal,” said E.Badalov. He emphasized that he is ready to pass the examination with the participation of the examination board, which consists of different members.
E.Badalov added that he will appeal to court after official order regarding his dismissal is issued.
Although IRFS called the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy “Oil Mechanics” faculty Dean Gasim Mammadov regarding the issue, the woman who picked up the phone said that Gasim Mammadov was in a meeting.
On 12 November 2009 Elmin Badalov published an article on website (“reportage from Azerbaijan State Oil Aacademy) regarding bribe cases and financial frauds in Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. The student-journalist claims that pressure used against him is related to his article.