February 10th, 2010
Today, 10 February, in the press centre of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety, Students International Cooperation Public Union held a press conference regarding a report on the results of winter semester of the 2009-2010 education year. Public Union Head Elnur Mammadov said that a “Hotline” was organized for students during winter semester, monitoring of examinations was held in private universities, and a survey was conducted among students from state universities.

E.Mammadov added that they investigated information received by the hotline and directed it to the hotline of the Ministry of Education. Only 3 of 17 appeals were anonymous. 9 of the 14 appeals were solved positively, and 5 of them were not solved.

“Serious violations were revealed in 3 universities (Azerbaijan Beynalkhalg (International) University, Tefekkur University, and Azerbaijan Public and Political University) during the monitoring of the examinations in private universities,” said Elnur Mammadov. “Deans and pro-rectors (vice presidents), even the Rector in Azerbaijan Public Political University, interfered in the examinations in these universities. No serious violations happened in other private universities, but the results of the examinations were weak.”

E.Mammadov added that monitoring revealed that the problems in state universities are not less than in private universities. Excluding two universities (the State Management Academy under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the Azerbaijan Languages University), the percentage of students unhappy with problems in other universities ranged from 55-90%.

Education Ministry representatives Enver Imanov and Ilyar Vahabov, Executive Director of the Fund to Fight Against Corruption Vasif Movsumov, and university students participated in the event.