January 20th, 2009
Yesterday, 19 January, Emin Fatullayev visited his son, imprisoned Editor-in-chief of "Gundelik Azerbaijan" and "Realny Azerbaijan" newspapers Eynulla Fatullayev in Prison #12. Emin Fatullayev told this to the Institute for Reporters' Freedom and Safety.

“Eynulla Fatullayev’s defense campaign continues in western countries,” said Emin Fatullayev. “Bulletins and booklets are published about his unfounded imprisonment and special programs are distributed via internet. People, who read this information get angry and send letters and cards to Eynulla Fatullayev. Last week more than 800 letters and cards came to the prison where Eynulla is being held. These letters have been sent from Canada, Georgia, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Southern African Republic, Ireland, USA, Holland, Germany, Mexico, and other countries. Interestingly, the letters come from 70 cities of England, and 15 cities of Canada. Eynulla Fatullayev has also received support appeals from 10 schools of Scotland and Holland.”
According to Emin Fatullayev, attacks against speech freedom and imprisonment of journalists are condemned in the letters and cards. It is noted that the international community, and free and democratic countries are in solidarity with independent and selfless journalists. At the initiative of “Amnesty International,” an action dedicated to prisoners of conscience – “Candles are still burning” – has been conducted in Great Britain in support of Eynulla Fatullayev, according to Emin Fatullayev. Similar actions has been organized in several cities by the actives of “Amnesty International”.

 "Gundelik Azerbaijan" and "Realniy Azerbaijan" newspapers' editor-in-chief Eynulla Fatullayev was accused in libel and defamation and on 21 April 2007 was sentenced to 2.5 years of imprisonment.  Then Fatullayev was convicted under articles 214.1 (threatening terror), 283.2.2 (incitement of ethnic/national, social or religious hatred abusing authority), and 213.2.2 (tax evasion) of the Criminal Code and was sentenced to 8.5 years of imprisonment on 30 October 2007 all together.