July 28th, 2011
On July 26th, the Supreme Court of Azerbaijan heard journalist Ilhamiyya Rza’s appeal against Space Television and Radio Company. Judge Etibar Nabiyev presided over the hearing, Ilhamiyya Rza`s lawyer Anar Gasimov told IRFS.  The appeal against the 28 March decision of the Appeals Court was not granted.

Gasimov said that they will take the issue to the Court of Constitution and the ECHR.


In December 2009, television journalist Ilhamiyya Rza filed a lawsuit against Space Television and Radio Company for the “illegal invasion of privacy”. The Yasamal District Court dismissed the lawsuit on 18 January, 2010. The Appeals Court upheld this decision on 4 June, 2010. Then the Supreme Court annulled the decision issued by the Baku Appeals Court on 3 December, 2010, and sent the case back to the Appeals Court for reconsideration. On 28 March, 2011, the Baku Appeals Court rejected the appeal again. The journalist took the issue to the Supreme Court then.