Taleh Bagirzade’s Lawyer Appeals to Court

On December 22, Javad Javadov, a lawyer of the jailed leader of Muslim Union Movement Taleh Bagirzade, appealed to the Nasimi District Court over violation of his client’s rights.


Javadov says he has submitted a complaint with regard to the denial of a meeting with Taleh Bagirzade, violation of his right stipulated in the “Law on ensuring the rights and freedoms of persons held in places of detention” and his detention in the temporary detention facility of the Main Organized Crime Department for more than 24 hours.


Background: Following the 26 November arrest of Taleh Bagirzade in the village of Nardaran near Baku, a Baku court ordered that he be held in four months’ pre-trial detention. On 2 December, Judge Aflatun Qasimov at Baku Appeal Court rejected Bagirzade’s appeal against the pre-trial detention order. Two days before, on 30 November, the same court had rejected the appeal against his 30-day jail term by Bagirzade’s deputy Imam Elchin Qasimov (also known as Qasimli).

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