The Pressure on the Family Members of Meydan TV Journalists Continues

On Tuesday (December 22) Baku’s Grave Crimes Court held a preparatory hearing in the case of Nazim Agabeyov, a brother-in-law of activist Emin Milli.


Agabeyov  was arrested in Baku on July 27 on drug-related charges. Emin Milli, director of a Berlin-based media channel, Meydan TV,  says the charges are “bogus and absurd ”.

In the course of the hearing, Nazim Agabeyov’s lawyer Adil Ismayilov filed a motion to discontinue the proceedings on the criminal case, arguing that his client had not committed any crime, and therefore the charges brought against him had to be dropped.

The judge postponed the hearing to decide the motion. The next hearing is set for Thursday, December 24.


In a separate case, on Tuesday (December 22), Bilasuvar Regional Court convicted a brother of Meydan TV journalist and editor Gunel Movlud to a one-year imprisonment.

Vakil Imanov, who has been detained on drug-related charges for three months,  has been convicted, his father, Vazir Imanov has said.

According to Imanov, the court found his son guilty under Article 234.1 (illegal purchase or storage without resale purposes of drugs in a quantity exceeding the amount necessary for personal consumption) of the Criminal Code and sentenced him to one year imprisonment.

Gunel Movlud’s two brothers Raji and Vakil Imanov were caught at the same time (on October 13) but in two different regions of Azerbaijan. Raji arrested in Sumgayit, while Vakil was detained in Bilasuvar. Following arrest of her brothers, Gunel Movlud wrote on her Facebook page: “.Even a child would understand these arrests are targeting Meydan TV. They don’t want anyone to work with Meydan. They are using relatives to pressure. (…) The arrest of my two brothers left my parents who are both battling with their health to death”.   

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