March 7th, 2008
Today a preliminary court hearing under the chairmanship of Yasamal District Court Judge Ragib Gurbanov took place on Tatyana Chaladze’s lawsuit against "Baku Khabar" Newspaper.

Chaladze, her representative Shamsaddin Taniyev and "Baku Khabar" Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Vagif Hasanov participated in the hearing. Tatyana Chaladze said that she would persist with her claim, and that the article published in the newspaper affected her morale and psychological state negatively.
 Vagif Hasanov said, "The material published in the newspaper does not reflect the opinion of the newspaper; this article contains interviews with lawyer Alovsat Aliyev and Journalist Uzeyir Jafarov. Despite this, we are ready to publish the opinion of the opposite side. According to the Law on the Mass Media, opposite side has already passed the deadline of 1 month to seek for refutation. However, we are ready for reconciliation."
Although the judge suggested reconciliation, Chaladze refused. The judge accepted the case for investigation and scheduled the next hearing for 27 March at 4:00 pm.
Recall that Tatyana Chaladze filed a lawsuit against "Baku Khabar" Newspaper because of the article "Tatyana Chaladze was Given Two Houses," which was published in the 29 January 2008 edition of the newspaper. Chaladze assessed the article as damaging to her dignity and business reputation. T. Chaladze is seeking the publication of a refutation and the institution of a 50,000 AZN fine against the editorial office.