September 18th, 2009
On 16 September during a meeting of the Press Council’s Commission on Appeals suggestion was put forth to include “Tezadlar” newspaper on the list of racketeering newspapers.  The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by the newspaper’s editor-in-chief Asif Merzili.

A.Marzili stated that the issue of “Tezadlar” newspaper was brought up on the basis of an appeal from Turkish Embassy. “During the meeting I said that everything written about the Turkish Embassy conform to reality,” said A.Marzili. “Embassy’s press representative Bulent Ugur did not say anything to deny facts.”
Asif Marzili added that the inclusion of “Tezadlar” newspaper on the list of racketeering newspapers was not discussed during the meeting. “The representative of the embassy did not ask for punishment, but said that the newspaper should receive a warning. However, this issue was discussed at the request of “Azerbaijan” newspaper editor-in-chief Bakhtiyar Sadigov after I left the meeting,” emphasized Marzili.
“The final decision will be made on 23 September and I do hope that “Tezadlar” will not be included on the list of racketeering newspapers,” said Marzili. “I have already appealed to the president regarding this and I am getting ready to appeal to international organization.”
IRFS was not able to reach the Press Council to learn their position on this issue.