The cases of the convicted in the Terter events will be reviewed

The he Ganja Court of Appeal canceled the sentences against 11 defendants in the “Terter case” and sent the case for review to the court of first instance, a lawyer and human rights activist Rasul Jafarov said.

The convicts were returned to the status of defendants. At the same time, the motions of the defense to change the preventive measure and release the accused were not satisfied.

The verdict was passed by the Terter Military Court, but now the Court of Appeal is transferring the case for review to the Ganja Court of Appeal. Today, the Ganja Court of Appeal is considering the cases of another group of defendants in the “Terter case” of seven people and separately of another convict.

*After the April fighting in 2016, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the State Security Service, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported the arrests of a group of military men for spying on Armenia.

Several hundred people were involved in the investigation. The public learned about the mass torture of detainees in May-June 2017 only in 2019.

According to human rights activists, more than 100 soldiers and officers were tortured, 25 were sentenced to long terms, and nine people died from torture.

The authorities for a long time denied the facts of mass repressions of military personnel, but under pressure from the public and constant protests from the relatives of the victims, they were forced to admit them and resume the investigation.

Some of the convicts were acquitted and the charges were dropped. Their tormentors were arrested and convicted. However, the arrests of those involved in illegal torture continued until recently.

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