The charge for the PFPA activist aggravated

On June 3, the Ganja Court of Appeal rejected a complaint against the arrest of Razi Alyshov, an activist of the Popular Front Party. At the same time, the investigation aggravated his accusation.

Initially he was accused under  thge Article  234.2 (Illegal acquisition or possession of drugs for sale) of the Criminal Code. The charge has now been reclassified to 234.4.3 (Illegal acquisition or possession of drugs for sale on a large scale). Earlier he was threatened with imprisonment from 3 to 7 years, now – from 5 to 12 years.

In court, Alyshov also complained about being tortured by the police. The activist said that after the beatings, he began to hear badly in his left ear.

In front of the court building, PFPA activists asked the investigator about the reasons for the violence against the accused. The investigator denied the fact of violence, saying “he was not tortured, maybe he fell from a tree?”.

The PFPA believes that Alyshov is being persecuted because of his political activities and criticism of the authorities in social networks.

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