The convicted journalist asked the international community for help

Human rights activist Elchin Mammad, who is serving a prison sentence, appealed to independent media, international human rights structures, embassies of foreign states and international organizations.

He writes that he has been in prison for two years on charges of “crimes not committed by him.” “Along with unjustified arrest, my rights are violated and in custody, I am discriminated against. My appeals for mitigation of punishment on far-fetched pretexts are canceled,” Mammad writes.

He points out that he was denied parole after serving one third of his sentence. Mammad does not believe that the consideration of the appeal against this decision will be objective.

Mammad believes that those who ordered his arrest are now influencing the justice system to keep him in custody.

“The courts make biased decisions. I am being retaliated for my advocacy work. At any moment I can be subjected to provocations in prison and I can be sentenced to additional punishment,” the activist writes.

He points out that at the request of the Red Cross, his criminal case was taken under the supervision of the Prosecutor General’s Office, but there are no results.

Mammad also points to the censorship of his correspondence, the failure to provide answers to the inquiries of his lawyer, the imposition of restrictions on the activist’s contacts with families.

Mammad believes that he is sick with hepatitis-C and that his imprisonment has a negative impact on his health and undermines the nervous system. In addition, Mamed suffers from an acute form of prostatitis.

For five months now, he has not been given the results of blood tests and other examinations.

Mammad asks the above structures to provide assistance in restoring his rights.

On October 17, 2020, the Sumgayit City Court sentenced the head of the Legal Education of Sumgayit Youth NGO and the editor of the “Yukselish Namine” website Elchin Mamed to 4 years in prison, having found him guilty of “theft” and “illegal storage of ammunition and weapons” …

The human rights defender was arrested in March 2020. A woman to whom he provided legal assistance complained about him. The previously mentioned woman also complained about the editor of the website Anar Mammadov.

Mammad connects the criminal case with his human rights activities. International organizations Amnesty International, PEN, FİACAT and others condemned the arrest of Mamed. Local human rights activists recognized him as a political prisoner.

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