The ECHR ordered the Azerbaijani government to pay 35 applicants over 176,000 euros

On October 7, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) announced its decision on the cases of 35 applicants from Azerbaijan.  So, the government should pay compensation totaling 176,700 euros, lawyer Khalid Agaliyev told Turan.

The Court found violation of the applicants’ rights to a fair trial, freedom of expression, inviolability of property, inadmissibility of forced labor and prohibition of slavery. 

One of the decisions concerned the complaints of young opposition activists. In July 2013, Ulvi Hasanov and Medjid Medjidov were detained near the Icheri-Sheher metro station while distributing leaflets. Both were taken to the police. They were held there all night, accused of disobeying the police and arrested for 15 days. 

The ECHR recognized the violation of the rights of activists to a fair trial and freedom of expression. 5850 euros will be allocated to each of the applicants as moral damage, Agaliyev said.

Another decision is related to the complaint of Seudin Zoletich and 32 other citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They worked on the construction of large projects in Azerbaijan and were deceived by employers. In particular, they built the Buta Saray Palace, the Bakı Ekspo exhibition center and the 28 Mall shopping center.

When they were hired, they were promised 5-7 dollars of salary per hour and the necessary living conditions. In reality, they were paid 3-4 dollars each, and the living conditions were unbearable – in barracks without normal amenities and with a strict schedule.

After the intervention of international human rights structures, they were paid scanty compensation, their passports were returned and their return home was provided.

The complaint in this case deals with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.  Bosnians worked at the facility of this department – the Olympic center in the town of Mingechevir.

The ECHR found elements of slavery and forced labor in the Bosnian case.

Each applicant will receive 5000 euros (total 165.000 euros).

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