July 25th, 2011
A group of employees of Merkez newspaper, including deputy editor-in-chief Nijat Sadigli, editor Bakhtiyar Eljan and correspondent Jalil Javanshir have resigned due to the decrease of their salary, correspondent of Merkez newspaper Jalil Javanshir reported to IRFS today.

According to Jalil Javanshir, founder of the newspaper, MP Guler Ahmadova made a surprise raise for the employees of Merkez newspaper: “Guler Ahmadova decreased our salary by twice without giving any reason. We refused to work in the newspaper and resigned in a protest.”
Founder of Merkez newspaper, MP Guler Ahmadova told IRFS that the wages should be based on the work the persons have done, not on their needs.
“Everybody knows that requirements of modern journalism are getting more serious.  Comprehensive information, ability to obtain accurate information, journalistic investigation, professional cooperation and rivalry between the journalists are vital for journalistic activities. The editors working in newspapers don’t create opportunities for new employees, and they did not put enough hours at work. We need employees who can work” said G.Ahmadova.