Three IDPs Arrested at Power Outage Protest


Gulaga Alimammadov, Jalal Guliyev and Ilkin Iskandarov, the IDPs from Jabrayil region protesting against the electricity cuts, have been placed in pre-trial detention for 3 months, their townsmen said on 25 December.

The three are reportedly charged under Articles 186.2.2 (destruction of other’s property, by arson, explosion or other publicly dangerous way), 233 (breach of public order) and 315.2 (use of violence dangerous to life or health against a representative of authority) of the Criminal Code.

Late on 22 December, a group of IDPs settled in Bilasuvar region staged a protest against frequent cut of power supply to IDP towns. Following the deployment of police forces in the area, a confrontation occurred between the citizens and the police.

In their joint statement, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs said a criminal case was launched into the resistance to the police during the protest. According to the official reports, bodily injuries with various degrees of severity were inflicted upon 9 police officers using rocks and wooden sticks, and the windows of one police car were smashed.

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