January 15th, 2008
Today in the Appellate Court under the chairmanship of the Judge Abdin Abdinbayov a hearing on the complaint filed against a decision adopted by the Grave Crimes Court related to “Gundelik Azerbaijan” and “Realniy Azerbaijan” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Eynulla Fatullayev was conducted.

The public prosecutor read the accusation and asked the court not to change the decision. Then Fatullayev’s lawyer Aydin Nazarli spoke. Nazarli noted that, one of three duties of the judge is “not to leave the defense side helpless in front of the prosecution. Unfortunately this court doesn’t conduct the trial fairly.” When experts present their assessments, the lawyer noted that these are preconceived. The lawyer asked the court to fulfill the Appellate complaint according to the legislation.  

E.Fatullayev, who considered public prosecutor’s speech insensible, asked the judge to question the public prosecutor. “Every time I ask him any question, he refuses to answer them. In this condition, write in the accusation that, “We want to isolate E. Fatullayev from the society and intend to stop his newspapers’ publication”. The chief editor added that he doesn’t reproach the judge, as in 1999 a judge was dismissed because he refused to adopt an unfair decision on deceased correspondent Elmar Huseynov. In closing, E.Fatullayev again claimed that someone made a special call to the judge related to his case.  

Judge Abdinbayov has scheduled the next court hearing on this case for tomorrow (January 16) at 10:30 a.m.