December 22nd, 2010
Today, 22 December, Yasamal District Court held a preliminary hearing on Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov’s son, businessman Anar Mammadov’s lawsuit against Azadlig and Yeni Musavat newspapers.

The plaintiff’s representative Nihad Akhundov said that the newspapers published untrue information about Mammadov, which damaged his business image.
Yeni Musavat lawyer Fariz Namazli filed a motion requesting to transfer the hearing of the lawsuit to the Nizami District Court as the legal address of Yeni Musavat is registered in Nizami District.
Plainttiff’s lawyer Akhunvdo stated that they had earlier appealed to Nizami court to consider the lawsuit, however, the Court had decided that it should be considered in Narimanov or Yasamal District Courts.
After deliberation, Judge Gurbanov decided not to fulfill the motion.
Yeni Musavat representative Panah Huseyn requested time to prepare and file a mutual lawsuit.
After deliberation, Judge Gurbanov rescheduled the hearing for 3.30 pm, 13 January.
To note, Judge allowed a limited number of journalists into the courtroom citing the small area of the courtroom. Moreover, Judge rejected Yeni Musavat’s lawyer Vagif Huseyn’s motion to allow taking photos and video in the hearing.
In addition, a group of Dalga Youth Movement members held a protest action before the Yasamal District Court. They were protesting against the lawsuit of the Transport Minister’s son. However, the police employees soon ripped up their posters labelled with critical slogans.
Mammadov appealed to the court citing humiliation of his honor and dignity and damage to his business image in the article titled “Kamaladdin Heydarov’s eats bear” (published in Azadlig on 1 July, 2010 and in Yeni Musavat on 2 July, 2010), and in the article titled “Sheikh drives Anar Mammadov out of Dubai” (published in Yeni Musavat on 14 September, 2010). Mammadov demands 250,000 AZN from each newspaper in compensation.