Trial of blogger Abdul Abilov continues


Trial of the Facebook activist Abdul Abilov continued in Baku Court of Grave Crimes on May 1.

From the circumstantial witness’ testimony and his cross-examination by defense lawyers, it turned out that this man was not present at the time of Abilov’s detention and during the search in his rented apartment.

Further, Abilov himself gave testimony, saying that immediately after the arrest he was taken to the Interior Ministry General Directorate for Combating Organized Crime (GDCOC), where he was asked about the page called “Stop sycophants!” he had created on Facebook. Also, he was asked whether he was related to the opposition leaders, Jamil Hasanli and Ali Karimli.

Next, Abilov’s mother and brother-in-law testified. The brother-in-law said that he was detained along with Abdul, they were handcuffed and taken to GDCOC. He pointed out that one of the circumstantial witnesses also was at GDCOC and was treated to tea.

Both witnesses, he said, are not random people, but collaborators of GDCOC.

The process will continue on May 8, at 2 pm.

Background: Facebook activist Abdul Abilov was arrested on November 22, 2013 and charged with illegal possession, storage, manufacturing or sale of drugs which stipulates a prison sentence for up to twelve years. Narimanov district court ordered him to be put in pretrial custody. Abilov was the admin of the Facebook page ” Stop sycophants!” which was closed after his arrest.

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