April 22nd, 2008
Today a hearing took place under the chairmanship of Yasamal District Court Judge Tahir Ismayilov on “Mukhalifat” Newspaper employee Yashar Agazade’s lawsuit against Baku State University (BSU) Director Abel Maharramov.

Agazadeh claims that his honor and dignity have been insulted and he is seeking compensation for moral damages. Mahrramov’s representative stated that the lawsuit is groundless.  

“Yashar Agazade submitted his documents to BSU to get his second degree and didn’t pass the examinations. Then he started to collect information about BSU and even sent an information inquiry to Finance Minister Samir Sharifov about the financial situation of BSU. We received the information inquiry in the oral form and Abel Maharramov replied to it in an official letter,” said T. Sadigov. According to Sadigov, Yashar Agazadeh’s lawsuit is characterized as revenge because he wasn’t accepted into the university.  

Y. Agazade defended his lawsuit and said that the defendant’s argument is groundless. “Abel Maharramov called me ‘blackmailer, slanderer and liar’ in his reply letter,” the plaintiff said, and made a petition to invite a representative from the Ministry of Finance to the hearing to testify. “Let them come and clarify who sent the information inquiry to BSU in the oral form,” he noted. 

The next hearing on this has been scheduled to take place on 29 April at 9:30 am.