Today in the Grave Crimes Court, under the chairmanship of the Judge Jamal Ramazanov, the trial for “Bizim Yol” Newspaper correspondent Mushvig Huseynov’s case continued.

First of all Tural Huseynov was interrogated as a witness.  

In his testimony, Tural Huseynov said that while walking in the upland park with his friend some people who introduced themselves as Ministry of National Security employees approached him and asked him to be a witness in the hearing. He agreed with them. In his interview he noted that, when he came to the “Gurd Gapisi” restaurant, M. Huseynov threw money on the floor. But a special powder which was on the money was also found in the journalist’s pocket.” T. Huseynov, who answered defense lawyer Vugar Khasayev’s questions, noted that he got acquainted with the defendant and the plaintiff after the incident.  

In response to the question “Did you see when M.Huseynov take the money?,” Huseynov answered “he threw money when we entered the restaurant.” But when the lawyer asked the same question a second time, T. Huseynov said “No, when I came in the money was on the floor.” After protest from the public prosecutor and the plaintiff’s lawyer Ilgar Abbasov, the judge ordered Khasayev not to ask anymore questions. Then lawyers Vugar Khasayev and Ramiz Musayev filed a petition related to Bahaddin Haziyev’s interrogation as a witness. After protest was heard from the plaintiff’s representatives, the court didn’t fulfill the petition.  

Then M.Huseynov put forth a petition. “There are three or four versions related to this case. I demand them to prove one of them. The reason for the meeting with him and taking the money relates to an honor matter. As this matter is directly related to Minister Fizuli Alakbarov’s family, I am introducing a petition that the minister must participate in the hearing.” After public prosecutor and plaintiff’s lawyer protested again, the judge didn’t fulfill his petition. After that, M. Huseynov filed another petition; “I want to see the scene how I took the money.” The judge fulfilled the petition and after a 45-minute break the fragments which were broadcasted on TV channels on August 1 were shown in the courtroom. M.Huseynov noted that the real scene was reflected in the fragments made by the Ministry of National Security employee. These fragments have not been introduced to us yet.  

The judge declared that, he wants to end with the trial and asked both sides whether they protest or not. Though Huseynov’s lawyers’ protested against this, both the public prosecutor and the plaintiff’s lawyer asked the judge to end the trial. After brief consultations, the judge declared that the introduction of evidence is over. Then the public prosecutor asked for time to prepare his final statement. The judge agreed and the next hearing has been scheduled for January 21 at 10 a.m. 

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