U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Anne Derse has expressed her opinion about the referendum to be conducted on proposed amendments and changes to the Constitution of Azerbaijan. She said that making amendments and changes to the Constitution of Azerbaijan is the decision of Azerbaijani people. 

“I cannot say anything about these changes,” said Derse. “We are only concerned about how the application of these changes will be carried out and whether they will conform to the recommendations of OSCE. Before making a decision, Azerbaijani citizens should observe strong and lively discussions.”
Anne Derse emphasized the role of the free media in this case.
This was reported by “Turan” yesterday, 27 January.
On 18 March, a referendum will be conducted in Azerbaijan. Within the framework of the referendum, changes have been proposed to more than 20 articles of the Republic of Azerbaijan's Constitution. Some of the changes proposed could severely limit freedom of information and the press.
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