Website Sues Government Ministry for Blocking Site

Baku Administrative Economic Court #1, chaired by Judge Aygun Abdullayeva, heard website editor-in-chief Namig Jafarli’s lawsuit against the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies (MTCHT).
The legal dispute stems from the restriction of access to on the territory of Azerbaijan since 18 August. The defendant’s representative said in court that MTCHT had not had any role in the restriction of access to the website. The representative noted that the Ministry might block internet resources based on a request, but regarding, MTCHT had neither received a request, nor taken any measure on its own initiative.
After a brief deliberation, the judge declared that the lawsuit was not granted.
The chief editor said he would appeal the decision and simultaneously appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service.
“If the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies indeed has no role in the blocking of access to our website, this means that there was a case of cyber-crime. I hope that the law enforcement agencies will investigate this fact. However, I do not fully trust the Ministry representative’s words,” the chief editor said.

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