Witnesses testify in journalist’s trial


The hearing on the arrested Zerkalo newspaper correspondent Rauf Mirgadirov’s case continued with witness testimonies in Baku Grave Crimes Court on November 25. Judge Alisultan Osmanov presided over the hearing.


The hearing is being held behind closed doors on the judge’s order, and the lawyers and witnesses are required to sign a recognizance committing not to disclose any information about the proceedings.




The journalist’s lawyer Fuad Agayev reported that their motion to remove Rauf Mirgadirov from the glass cage was rejected.


According to Agayev, Rauf Mirgadirov has lost weight, but remains well.


The journalist’s mother Rafiga Mirgadirova says that since her son’s arrest her eyesight has worsened and she has suffered from problems with her blood pressure.

The next hearing on the case was scheduled for December 2.


Background: Journalist Rauf Mirgadirov was detained on 19 April 2014 after being deported to Baku from Turkey. He was charged with spying for Armenia (treason). Mirgadirov rejects charges, calling them absurd.

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