Witnesses Testify in Trial of Emin Milli’s Brother-in-Law


 Summary: Hearing 4 (January 21)


Ø  Naib Omarov, an employee of Baku City Main Police Office’s Drug Enforcement Department, testified that he had not seen Nazim Agabayov being intimidated and that at the time of arrest, Agabayov’s lawyer was called to the Baku City Main Police Office;


Ø  The Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a letter that it was technically impossible to examine the recordings from the security cameras located at scene of Nazim Agabayov’s arrest.


Baku Grave Crimes Court, chaired by the judge Afgan Hajiyev, held a hearing on the case of Meydan TV director Emin Milli’s brother-in-law Nazim Agabayov, who has been arrested on drug charges.


Witness testimony: 


Employee of Baku City Main Police Office’s Drug Enforcement Department, Naib Omarov testified as a witness at the hearing. He said that he had not witnessed Nazim Agabayov being intimidated by police colonel Vugar Najafov and that Nazim Agabayov’s own lawyer had been called to the Baku City Main Police Office.

Answering the lawyer’s question about Nazim Agabayov’s reaction when drugs were pulled out of his pocket, witness Naib Omarov said that Agabayov immediately admitted that it belonged to him. However, the lawyer reminded the court of the testimony by the police colonel Vugar Najafov, who had previously testified as a witness. He said that Najafov had stated in his testimony that Nazim Agabayov had initially said the drugs did not belong to him, but then admitted that it did.


Response to court’s inquiry: 


Judge Afgan Hajiyev read out the Interior Ministry’s response to the inquiry, which the court had submitted to the Ministry based on the motion by defense lawyer Adil Ismayilov, who requested the examination of the security camera recordings of Nazim Agabayov’s arrest. The court requested that the Ministry present the recordings. However, the Ministry responded that it was impossible to examine the recordings of the security cameras in that area for technical reasons.


The court set the next hearing for January 29.


Background: Nazim Agabayov was arrested on July 27, 2015, and is charged with drug trafficking.

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