July 17th, 2008

Yesterday (16 July) “Yeni Musavat” Newspaper correspondent Sabuhi Mammadli was threatened by Jalilabad Court Medical Expertise Department Physician Rauf Agayaev and his relative Faraj Bayramov.

S. Mammadli reported this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety. According to Mammadli, the threat stems from his article “Inhuman Action of an Official in Jalilabad” published in “Yeni Musavat” on 15 July. 

F. Bayramov, who called Mammadli, said that the article doesn’t reflect reality. Mammadli told Bayramov that he is ready to publish his position as well, and noted that this was written at the end of the published article. Hearing this, Bayramov replied, “We’ll talk with you in a different way.”

“After this call I received a call from a hidden number. The person on the phone claimed he was Rauf Agayev and began to threaten me immediately. He said, ‘I’ll come to your editorial office and behead you. Wait and see how I will cripple you,’” said Mammadli.

In the article “Inhuman Action of an Official in Jalilabad,” S. Mamadli wrote that Rubaba Rustamgizi’s corpse, who died of a heart attack in Jalilabad, was kept in a morgue for ten days, and her relatives were ordered to pay money to get the body back.