December 20th, 2010
Yeni Musavat newspaper has filed a lawsuit against Western University.

The newspaper’s lawyer Vagif Huseyn told IRFS that the newspaper has appealed to Sabayel District Court after the University violated freedom of information laws, and obstructed a correspondant during the course of her professional duty. The lawsuit demands that the University provide compensation and punish the employees who hindered the journalist’s work.

News correspondant Zulfiyya Sakitgizi went to investigate the letter of complaint sent to Yeni Musavat newspaper by the Western University student Farid Akbarli on November 30. However, she was threatened by University leadership. The university employees phoned the Ministry of Internal Affairs 102 emergency service. Sabail District Police Department #9 employees arrived, and took Sakitgizi and “Dalga” Youth Movement member Parviz Hashimov to the police department. The journalists were set free after being identified and writing a statement.
“Yeni Musavat” daily newspaper has been operating since 1989.