Young activist alleges beating during detention


“I was beaten while being detained and at the Department for Struggle against Drugs,” young activist, editor website Omar Mammadov has told his lawyer Khalid Bagirov during their meeting on January 28. Arrested five days ago, Mammadov is charged with possession of drugs at a large amount.

“He got hit in his kidney. Though no marks are left, Mammadov still feels pains. He was forced to sign some papers, threatened with harm to his parents. He was also asked ‘what he wanted from the government’, the lawyer told IRFS.

The lawyer added that Mammadov is in a good mood, as his arrest was not unexpected for him. “He knew that he could be arrested for his activism,” said Bagirov.

Omar Mammadov was detained by a group of men in Baku, on January 24. They took him to unknown place, without informing his friends and family. The Interior Ministry did not provide information as to his whereabouts, despite being informed about the case by Mammadov’s friends and family. On January 25, Mammadov was charged under Article 234.4.3 of the Criminal Code (Manufacturing, purchase, storage, transfer, transportation or selling drug in large amount with a view of illegal manufacturing and processing of narcotics or psychotropic substances).

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