March 10th, 2011
Today, 9 March, imprisoned youth activists Jabbar Savalanli met his lawyers Anar Gasimov and Asabali Mustafayev  in prison. Savalanli has been accused of drug possession, a charge widely agreed to be fabricated.

According to Gasimov, the medical examination conducted by the Health Ministry’s Drug Abuse Clinic revealed that Savalanli was not a drug addict, and did not require treatment. The document did not rule out that the youth activist could have used drugs.
The lawyer predicts that the document will be used against Savalanli.
Their motion for an alternative examination was rejected.
Gasimov also filed a motion requesting a re-examination, the interrogation of Drug Abuse Clinic doctors as witnesses, and for a blood sample to be taken from Savalanli in the presence of his lawyers.
They also requested the court to change the investigator on Savalanli’s case.
Azerbaijan Popular Front Party youth member Jabbar Savalanli was arrested on February 5, 2011. He is being charged with drug possession, but it is widely thought that his arrest was politically motivated, linked to criticism of the government posted on social networking sites.