June 26th, 2009
International Citizen Assembly of Helsinki Co-chairperson, Citizen Assembly of Helsinki Azerbaijan National Committee Chairperson Arzu Abdullayeva has addressed an appeal to Chief Prosecutor Zakir Garalov in connection with the beating of “Yukselish Namine” and “Muhakime” newspapers’ correspondent Elchin Hasanov. The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by Arzu Abdullayeva.

It is noted in the appeal that on 10 May 2009 Hasanov was beaten by 20 policemen without any evidence in the Police Department #39 of the Sabail District and as a result he sustained numerous bodily injuries. “He went to the department to obtain information in connection with the arrest of a group of youth that participated in an action to commemorate the people who were shot to death at the State Oil Academy.”

In her appeal Abdullayeva noted that she witnessed the beating of E.Hasanov.
“Dear Zakir Garalov, I have personally witnessed this incident while I was monitoring the event and I confirm this. E. Hasanov appealed to doctor in connection with injuries; the doctor found out that his liver and spleen have swollen. He is currently receiving treatment for his injuries. I ask you to tell the relevant department of the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the torture case and to open a criminal case in accordance with conforming article of the Criminal Code. And I ask you to task them to inform our committee of the measures taken regarding this issue.”