April 22nd, 2008
In some news stands “Azadlig Plus” newspaper is offered to buyers who want to buy “Azadlig” Newspaper. 

“Azadlig” Newspaper’s director Azer Ahmadov told the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety that this is a step taken against his newspaper on purpose. “Someone named Agil Mahmudov was working here a year ago. After he left our newspaper, he and his brother Arif Mahmudov have published ‘Azadlig Plus’ newspaper. To be exact, the government made them publish this newspaper and it is a hostile action,” Ahmadov said. He added that the newspaper is an exact copy of ‘Azadlig’ newspaper. “But unlike our newspaper, lies and libels are abundant in ‘Azadlig Plus’ newspaper. Buyers are tricked into believing that the newspaper is a special edition of ‘Azadlig’ Newspaper. We have already informed newspaper sellers about this. If this problem persists we’ll sue the provocateurs and sellers of the newspaper who present this as ‘Azadlig’ Newspaper,” he emphasized.   

The Institute for Reporters Freedom and Safety visited several newspaper stands, and confirmed that this problem exists. “Azadlig Plus” newspaper was available at all of the newspaper stands