August 27th, 2009
On 25 August, the Babek District Court gave 271 AZN back to Jahri village Municipality Chairperson Zahid Ismayılov which was confiscated from him by the employees of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic National Security Ministry’s Babek region Department.

The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety Nakhchivan Regional Correspondents were told this by Zahid Ismayilov.
“I was told in the Babek District Court, ‘you are a Deputy, you have immunity. We return your confiscated money.’ But 15 and 37 AZN taken from two other people have been confiscated and each of them have been fined 20 AZN,” said Z.Ismayilov adding that he was not informed of the hearing. He did not even know when it took place or who participated in the hearing.
“They told me that it is impossible to appeal against the Court’s decision,” emphasized Ismayilov. “The two people who were fined did not make any statements against me. And allegedly the court does not have any evidence regarding their gambling with me. For this purpose the same people whom I want to stay unidentified will file an appeal to higher court instance for being fined groundlessly.”
On 22 July 2009 Zahid Ismayılov gave an interview to the press regarding problems associated with irrigating cultivation fields and socio-economic issues. Pressure against him began after this interview. On 23 July 2009 employees of the National Security Ministry Babek Region Department entered the office belonging to his personal property. Deputy Zahid Ismayilov, combine driver and several employees were there at that time. People entering the office accused them with gambling and conducted a forceful search on them without showing any documents. They confiscated 15 AZN from one of the employees, 37 AZN from another and 271 AZN from Supreme Assembly Deputy Zahid Ismayilov.  On August 7, during the 7:00 p.m. news program on Nakhchivan TV (NTV), the report issued by the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Internal Affairs Ministry’s Public Security Department in connection with Z. Ismayilov was read.