U.S. Embassy Counselor on Political Issues Joanna Ganson and European Union Representative on Southern Caucasus Peter Semneby’s counselor Claire Delessard visited Nakhchivan on 27 January. During their visit, they met with government officials, political party members and civil society representatives from the Autonomous Republic. 

The main purpose of the visit was to investigate the articles in the local press about human rights violations in Nakhchivan. The diplomats expressed concern about human rights violations in Nakhchivan during their meetings with government representatives.
Within the framework of the visit, the representatives of the embassy met with the employees of the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety and “Radio Liberty”.  
The diplomats also visited Ismayil Huseynov’s family in the Sadarak Region’s Heydarabad Village. I. Huseynov, who protested against the police pressure against his son, was placed in a psychiatric hospital and he and his family members were also held in their residence against their will. IRFS and “Radio Liberty” correspondents also faced pressure when they attempted to investigate this situation. 
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