Former MP’s son resigns in protest against human rights violations

On December 20, the son of former MP and Defense Ministry spokesman Eldar Sabiroglu, resigned from his position of investigator. “The rampant dishonesty and violation of people’s rights in this country, and the pretence of “honesty” among rich and immoral people has forced me to make this decision,” said Rufat Safarov a statement.


Rufat Safarov claims that he does not have personal problems with anyone, is happy with his standard of living, and has taken this step solely in solidarity with the Azerbaijani people. 


“Today, thieves and corrupt officials are free and enjoying life, while innocent people languish in prison. Their only crime is voicing the truth. Even if my father disowns me as his child, my people’s sanctity is more important for me. My people are in a wretched state. They have put the people in such a state that a citizen comes to a regional prosecutor’s office to borrow money from an investigator. I will send my resignation letter to the Prosecutor General’s Office. I turn to Ramiz Mehdiyev and his underlings to say that if they begin to insult my father for my action, the response will be five times stronger. I am not afraid of anyone. I am 34 years old and I am ready to sacrifice myself for the sake of my people. In Azerbaijan, there is no rule of law – only the rule of lawlessness. There is no freedom left in this country. There is only the “freedom to die.” Private property is seized arbitrarily by officials and their affiliates. Ninety percent of the population is going hungry. This and other bitter realities compels me to stand by my people without fear,” said Safarov in his statement. 


He added that his wife had told him that there were police officers in front of his apartment. Eldar Sabiroglu did not support his son’s statement and called upon him to correct his mistake.


On December 21, the Prosecutor General’s Office sent a commission to investigate Rufat Safarov’s activity at Zerdab Regional Prosecutor’s Office. Confirming this, Safarov said, “they want to discharge me not by my own request, but for some other excuses – but it makes no difference.”

Rufat Safarov has held the position of investigator at Zerdab Regional Prosecutor’s office for 5 years.

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