September 28th, 2009
On 26 and 27 September, in Guba, the Enlightenment on Human Rights Public Union conducted a roundtable dedicated to rules of submitting alternative reports and personal complaints to treaty organs (different committees) of the UN.

The problems regarding the human rights sector in the region and issues related to submitting of the complaints and reports to treaty organs of the UN were discussed in the roundtable. Human Rights Defenders working in Guba and Khachmaz regions and lawyers participated.
Enlightenment on Human Rights Public Union Chairperson Irada Jafarova spoke about the rules of sending alternative reports by NGOs and submitting individual complaints to the UN treaty organs, to the same organs, and accreditation rules in those committees. Irada Jafarova said that the basic aim of the roundtable is to motivate the NGOs to submit the complaints and reports to the treaty organs of UNO.
Irada Jafarova and Legal Aid for Migrants Center Director Alovsat Aliyev responded to the questions from participants.
IRFS representative Rasul Jafarov said that on 20-21 July, within the framework of  96th session of Human Rights Committee of the United Nations held in Geneva, he submitted the report prepared by the representatives of eight Human Rights organizations in Azerbaijan included in the South Caucasus Network for Human Rights Defenders (Law Education Society, The Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety,  Media Rights Institute, the Defense Society for Women’s Rights named after Dilara Aliyeva, the Institute for  Peace and Democracy, Humanitarian Investigation Society,  International Students Cooperation, and Assistance to Free Economy Society), and gave information about the report and the session, and conducted  discussions with Human Rights Defenders regarding Mass Media’s work in Guba and Khachmaz regions.
According to Local Human Rights Defenders, only “Shafag” newspaper is published in Guba (population 150 000), “Khachmaz” newspaper is published in Khachmaz (population 170 000). Founders of both newspapers are Executive Administrators in addition to being editorial staff. It was noted that the last two of three regional TVs – RTV, “Khayal”, “Gutb” – operate in miserable situation and there is shortage of journalists and specialists in these channels.