Today in the Yasamal District Court under the chairmanship of the Judge Sudaba Mammadova a preliminary hearing on the accusations convicted against the imprisoned “Azadlig” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Ganimat Zahid was conducted.

During the court hearing the Editor-in-Chief’s lawyers filed the following petitions:

          o To introduce video cassette regarding the confrontation of G.Zahid with Vusal Hasanov and Sevgilada Guliyeva to the defense side. Though S.Guliyeva was absent during the hearing, the judge noted that, Guliyeva asked in written form not to give video cassettes to the opposite side. However, the court held a consultation immediately and fulfilled partly the petition. The judge announced that, the video cassettes will be shown during next hearing.
          o To invite the taxi driver who took V.Hasanov and S.Guliyeva after the incident to the court hearing. Elchin Guliyev, the lawyer noted that, the taxi driver was interrogated during the investigation. The petition was fulfilled.
          o As the taxi driver Anar Chigarov is the relative of Investigation Sector chairman of the Yasamal District Police Department Anar Chigarov, within last 10 days the lawyers demanded to get the texts of telephone conversations between V.Hasanov, S.Guliyeva, driver A.Chigarov and police A.Chigarov from “Azercell” JC via the court. The petition was fulfilled.
          o To send an information request to the Ministry of Interior to clarify whether V.Hasanov was a police officer or not. The judge announced that, this petition will also be fulfilled.
          o To demand V.Hasanov to introduce several of medical certificates regarding the diagnoses due to treatment after he was injured during the military service and car accident. In response to this demand, V.Hasanov noted that, “these matters don’t have any connection with current hearing. I don’t want to give those medical certificates”. But the judge emphasized that, the petition will be fulfilled. Elchin Sadigov noted that, “during the assessment, the doctors found a crack in V.Hasanov’s bone. It can happen during the injury and car accident”.
          o To invite another 9 witnesses to the court. Elchin Sadigov introduced their names in written form to the judge. Their names were not announced in the hearing. The petition was fulfilled.
          o Changing of pre-trial detention on G.Zahid. The judge didn’t fulfill the petition after conducting 30 minutes consultation.

After that, the judge announced that, the next court hearing will be held on January 8 at 15:00.

The judge S.Mammadova allowed for only 10 people’s participation. The judge removed 4 people from the court hearing on the basis of preliminary hearing. 

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