October 9th, 2009
Yesterday, 8 October, in the Baku Appellate Court, under the chairmanship of Judge Jamila Safiyeva, a decision was issued during a hearing held on the plaintiff’s appeal against the decision of the Yasamal District Court adopted on the lawsuit of “Haji Mazan” LTD founder Ramazan Zeynalov against “Gundalik Baki” Newspaper Editor-in-chief and Founder Habil Valiyev to defend his honor and dignity.

The Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety was told this by “Gundalik Baki” newspaper Founder and Editor-in-chief Habil Valiyev.
According to H. Valiyev, Judge J.Safiyeva issued a decision not to fulfill the appeal and to uphold the decision adopted by the Yasamal District Court on 20 April, 2009.
The lawsuit stems from articles "Narcotics Itinerary in the South" published in the newspaper on 14 January 2009 and "Narcotics Itinerary in the South – 2" published in the newspaper on 22 January, 2009. The plaintiff appealed to the Yasamal District Court seeking the publication of a refutation, an apology from the newspaper, and 300 000 AZN from “Gundalik Baki” Newspaper editor-in-chief and founder Habil Valiyev for the company in compensation for moral damages. But the Yasamal District Court did not fulfill the lawsuit.