October 9th, 2009
Former Colonel  of Internal Affairs Ministry Haji Mammadov, who was imprisoned for life for multiple murders and grave crimes, said that he organized late Editor-in-chief “Monitor” Journal Elmar Huseynov`s murder in person. 

Azerbaijan Committee against Torture Chairman Elchin Behbudov told the Institute for Reporters` Freedom and Safety that he visited Haji Mammadov in the prison of the National Security Ministry several gays ago and Haji Mammadov told him about crimes he committed.
“Haji Mammadov said that he committed Elmar Huseynov`s murder and all known crimes, and he did not face any pressure to admit these,” said Elchin Behbudov.
E.Behbudov noted that he refused to take Haji Mammadov’s letter he wanted to give him regarding these.
"Monitor" magazine Editor-in-chief Elmar Huseynov was shot to death in front of his apartment on 2 March 2005.
Haji Mammadov was sentenced to imprisonment for life for a series of grave crimes, including grave murders, kidnapping, and other crimes.
IRFS contacted the National Security Ministry Public Relations Department Head Arif Babayev said that they are investigating this issue and told us to call later. However, it became impossible to contact him later.