November 2nd, 2010
Today Sabael District Court heard journalist Eynulla Fatullayev’s lawsuit against the Baku City Prosecutor’s Office.

Fatullayev's lawyer Isakhan Asurov began by filing a motion for Fatullayev's release during the trial. The judge passed the motion.
Then each side presented their case.
Asurov argued in his statement: “The Baku City Prosecutor’s Office violated Fatullayev’s right to the ‘innocent before guilty’ presumption. This principle is enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights and the Azerbaijani Constitution.”
 “How could it have happened that the Baku City Prosecutor’s Office publicised details of the investigation before it had been reached any conclusions, and before the Garadag District Court had made any public statement. I will pursue this to the end. I will appeal to the European Court [of Human Rights] againsts accusations made against me. All I want is for my lawsuit to be fulfilled and for the Baku City Prosecutor’s Office to admit their mistake,” said Fatullayev.
Public Relations Officer for the Baku City Prosecutor’s Office  Ramiz Rzayev confirmed that the Prosecutor’s Office had prepared and released news about Fatullayev, but maintained that his right to presumption of innocence had not been violated. He asked the Judge to reject the lawsuit.
After the consultation period, the Judge said that the case was complicated and his working day was over. He said that the ruling would be announced on November 4th.
On February 2nd, the Baku City Prosecutor Office publicly accused Fatullayev of drug use. He filed a lawsuit demanding that they apologize for the public nature of this accusation and for the potential damage to his reputation. Fatullayev also requested that the judge fine the Baku City Prosecutor Office a symbolic 1 AZN for the illegal violation of his rights.