July 29th, 2008
Today in the Sabail District Court a preliminary court hearing on the lawsuit filed regarding imprisoned “Azadlig” Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Ganimat Zahid’s 200-page manuscript of a book he was writing took place.

Judge Famil Nasibov chaired the hearing.

Zahidov was not brought to the hearing, but lawyer Elchin Sadigov participated as his representative, and A. Mammadov participated as the representative of the opposite side.

The judge learned opinions of both sides about a settlement, after explaining to them their rights and duties. Sadigov stated that they are ready for a settlement provided that the manuscripts are returned. However, Mammadov said he was for the case to be considered in the court instead of a settlement.

Then the judge said that the lawsuit will be accepted for consideration, and the next hearing is scheduled to take place on 14 August at 3:00 p.m.

Recall that Bayil Prison Head Misir Aliyev took a handwritten 300 page-long manuscript from Zahid, claiming he wanted to read it. M. Aliyev then gave the manuscripts to the Penitentiary Services of the Justice Ministry, because it allegedly contains writings against Heydar and Ilham Aliyev. Despite several appeals made to the Penitentiary Service, the manuscripts were later returned to M. Aliyev. Most recently, M. Aliyev told G. Zahid's wife Ayanda Mursaliyeva that the writings will be destroyed because they contain writings against the government.

Appealing to the court, G. Zahid asked the court to adopt a decision to consider the confiscation of the manuscripts illegal and to return the manuscript to him.