October 13th, 2008
“Hurriyyat” Newspaper Ganjabasar region correspondent Ikram Rahimov is being harassed by Property State Registry Services Ganja Area Department Chief Sahib Rustamov and Ganja City Head Architect Mammad Ibrahimov.

I.Rahimov told this to the Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety.

Journalist Rahimov noted that he wrote series of articles about Rustamov and Ibrahimov. “My articles have been published in ‘Hurriyyet’ and ‘Reallig’ newspapers. Most recently I wrote articles titled ‘Provocation against the President in Ganja,’ ‘Heydar Aliyev Park in Ganja Destroyed,’ ‘Ganja Intellectuals ask the resident for Assistance,’ ‘City Head Architect Mammad Ibrahimov Motivating Disagreements,’ ‘Injustice against War Veteran,’ and ‘Sahib Rustamov Problem in Ganja.’

According to I.Rahimov, S.Rustamov and M.Ibrahimov are threatening him because of these articles. “They want to evade me from these writings. I receive anonymous calls from them, and they threaten me with arrest. I have already appealed to Ganja City Police Department, Internal Ministry, and Ganja City Prosecutor’s Office. Although Rustamov was warned by the Prosecutor’s Office, Ganja City Police Department didn’t react to it. Rustamov and Ibrahimov complained to police about me claiming that I allegedly asked the officials for bribe for the articles I wrote. From what I know, they have planned to prepare several officials to confront me. However, no official agreed to this. And I am not insured against these kinds of incidents. Ganja City Police Department Chief Investigator Ilgar Mammadov told me there’s a criminal case against me and an investigation began into the case. Rustamov continues to his threats. I still receive calls from hidden numbers, and I am being insulted.”

I.Rahimov thinks that the officials simply want him to leave Ganja and be arrested.