Investigation of late journalist’s case extended

The investigation into the murder of the late journalist, former IRFS chairman Rasim Aliyev, has been extended by three months, reported the lawyer Asabali Mustafayev, who is defending the late journalist’s rights, on November 26.


The lawyer said that the detention of those arrested in connection with the case has also been extended by three months.


According to Mustafayev the investigator has failed to inform him about the investigative measures taken during this period.


“I expect the investigation to be completed in December, but the trial will start next year. At this point, we are dissatisfied with the course of the investigation. We have already stated that the charges against Javid Huseynov must be changed and the doctors [who treated Rasim in hospital] must be brought to justice. However, the investigating authority has not taken any action in this regard. I filed motions regarding the re-interrogation of Rasim’s parents, re-classification of Javid Huseynov’s action, the doctor’s actions, and to check the professionalism of the doctor who conducted the ultrasound examination. The motion concerning the re-interrogation of Rasim’s parents about the doctors was granted. The one concerning the doctor who conducted the ultrasound imaging was also granted. They tell us that they are checking. However, they refused to re-classify Javid Huseynov’s action, saying that the investigating authority is still working,” the lawyer said.


The lawyer believes that the investigating authority is trying to assist Javid Huseynov and the doctors to avoid substantial punishment.

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