November 26th, 2008
Today, 26 November, in the Appellate court, under the chairmanship of Judge Faig Gasimov, a hearing was held on the appeal of "Ideal" Newspaper founder Nazim Guliyev’s defense lawyers.

According to Guliyev’s defense lawyer Vugar Khasayev, after both sides gave their testimony the next hearing on this case was scheduled to take place on 1 December 2008 at 10:00 a.m.

IRFS employees to seeking monitor the hearing were not permitted into the hearing due to an order issued by Judge F. Gasimov. IRFS employees who wanted to participate in the hearing, which was open, faced pressure by a civilian-clothed person. The civilian-clothed person removed IRFS’s monitors from the courtroom, and then police removed the monitors from the court building.

The lawsuit against Guliyev, filed in the special format (i.e. could lead to the arrest of the defendant(s)) was filed by "Azeri-Turk" Women's Union Chairperson Tanzila Rustamkhanli. Rustamkhanli says that an announcement (What joins Tanzila Rustamkhanli and Eldar Guliyev?) at the end of the article "Damned Azerittifag" published in the newspaper on 17 September 2008 insulted her honor and dignity. Nasimi District court Judge Elman Ahmadov issued a decision to sentence Nazim Guliyev to pre-trial detention and a search warrant has been issue for Guliyev since he did not come to the court.